Friends in your forties

As I’m approaching my 39th Birthday next week, I’ve been reflecting about my thirties. After all, this year will be my last. The truth is, I haven’t loved my thirties. I found it to be a very trying decade. Most of us in our thirties are in the absolute trenches of parenthood, balancing family life, friendships, jobs. It’s a lot! I experienced many ups and downs these last 9 years. Such as life, right? However, some of my friendships didn’t survive. The ending of a long term friendship feels like a death. There’s a grievance process, and a void.

I plan to spend the last year of my thirties healing. Closing wounds from past events, and becoming really clear on what relationships I want to manifest in my forties. So, this year is a big year for me! January is the beginning of a new year, and the end of my thirties!

Happy New Year,